Surviving & Thriving Keynote/Conference Offerings

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Each can be scheduled for 75, 90, 120 mins, half-day or full-day sessions

“Andrew Marotta was a riveting, interesting, hopeful and MOST energetic final speaker at the 2023 NASA Spring Conference. The audience was dragging late in the afternoon and Andrew energized them within seconds! I highly recommend Andrew for any professional learning event.”

“Andrew is a difference maker for leaders at all levels. His personality, presence, and presentation were the talk of the FASA Conference and at a level that our planning committee holds other speakers to. Through laughter and relatable stories, Andrew draws in the crowd to make positive changes in practice for better student outcomes.”

“Andrew Marotta recently spoke at the Oregon School Boards Association (OSBA) annual convention and he truly wowed our members with his high energy and storytelling capabilities to weave a poignant message for our members – leadership matters!

Sunday morning at our convention is the wrap up to our annual marquee event and we could not have asked for a better closer than Andrew! His ability to engage our audience with his message and his ability to incorporate humor and real-life stories from his experiences into a powerful message was masterful!  Whether telling stories from his days as a D-1 basketball referee or his daily work with students as a school principal, his message inspired our members and kept them engaged throughout his presentation. 

If you want a high-energy, positive speaker that will keep your members on the edge of their seats with stories and humor while providing a powerful message about life and leadership – then bring Andrew Marotta to your event – simply one of the best!

Very few people have the ability to communicate with a large crowd, and yet make you feel that you are the only one in the room having a one-on-one conversation with the presenter, Andrew has that unique talent! 

I have seen many people speak over my 30-plus year career, no one has the energy and the ability to tell a story and have it mean something like Andrew!   Your members will leave his presentation engaged, entertained, and empowered! Our members raved about his presentation and wanted more!”

The School Leader: Surviving & Thriving

In this high-energy, fun, interactive session, Andrew will present on the highlights from his half-day & full-day workshops on many aspects of being a school leader: Exuding energy and enthusiasm, the power of storytelling, owning your time, and ending with the powerful concept of successful vs. significant. Participants should be prepared to participate virtually through as well as share out. He will share many of the concepts in his book, The Principal: Surviving & Thriving. Andrew’s presentation style is infectious and he will engage the audience deeply, challenging them to think, reflect, and move to action. 
Twitter for Educators

The Partnership: Surviving & Thriving

The Partnership: Surviving & Thriving with Andrew Marotta

Building better relationships through proactive and intentional actions.

Want to have better, stronger relationships with your stakeholders?  Tired of getting/feeling ‘beat-up?’  Want to improve your public speaking and communication skills? Have people coming at you way too hard and not sure how to handle it and want some effective strategies?  Feel like you are being too reactive instead of more proactive in your relationships?  Come join Andrew Marotta and be part of the fun, interactive, and thought-provoking workshop The Partnership: Surviving & Thriving:  Building better relationships through proactive and intentional actions.

In this energy-filled workshop, Andrew will lead you through a variety of strategies, techniques, tips, and hacks that will help improve your overall communication and interactions with your stakeholders:  staff, students, and parents.  A few examples are:

  • The difficult one on one conversation
  • Awareness of body language
  • The ‘Ladder’ of active listening
  • The large assembly setting: How to own it?
  • Presence
  • E + R=O
  • The energy of your office and school building setting
  • Successful vs. Significant
  • And much more

The goal of this workshop is that you feel more confident, comfortable, and prepared to handle the many complex and challenging social situations that are rapidly coming at school leaders in today’s world.

Twitter for Educators

Want to learn Twitter? This session is for you! Andrew will explain and demonstrate how to use Twitter, from beginning to moderate. He will explore the WHY of Twitter, share some short how-to videos, discuss content vs. followers, and end with a mini-twitter chat.  This will be a great investment of your time to get started using #twitter. Come to the session with the Twitter app downloaded on your phone and have Twitter open on your computer.  Follow Andrew @andrewmarotta21.
The Uncommon Scenarios

The Uncommon Scenarios

We as school leaders face so many situations in school and beyond. People, problems, and “this needs your attention now” come at us constantly, and sometimes we wonder: What should I do? Whether you are a beginner or veteran, come share in this session where Andrew will present a number of different, challenging scenarios, present the question to a participant:  What would you do? Then, he along with the group will debrief.  No judging, just sharing, learning, growing, and certainly laughing! This will be a fun, surprising, and powerful learning experience.

Tales from the Hardwood:

Leadership & Points of Success from a former College Basketball Official

Andrew Marotta is a Principal & former Mens Division 1 college basketball referee. He officiated in several major Division 1 conferences including the ACC, Atlantic 10, CAA, IVY & Patriot Leagues, and more. He learned from the best working at the highest levels.  Come hear stories, be inspired, and fill your leadership bucket learning from his time as an official and how they can relate to your own leadership with your job, family, and personal life. 

Take-a-way points include:

  • Mentorship: helping those around you while being at your best.
  • How to be at your best when it matters the most.
  • The pressure cooker: balancing your time, wellness, and family through it all.
  • The power of your presence.
  • How to make “the right call” at the most difficult times.
  • Supporting your colleagues like a champion, and more. 

You will laugh, cry, reflect, and be moved to action during this powerful, story-filled, inspirational session. 

School Leadership & Life Lessons

Leading Faster: Surviving & Thriving

Leading in today’s world empowered by ADD/ADHD

Blessed with ADD/ADHD?  Want to learn how to channel this amazing superpower?  Come join Andrew to share, celebrate, and learn the best strategies and practices to lead with the power of ADD/ADHD.  Concentration, focus, simplifying, and more.  What are our pitfalls, how to avoid them, and do the things that help us survive and THRIVE while leading with ADD/ADHD

For teachers, all staff, & district openings:

Today’s Significant Educator:  Surviving & Thriving

Want to make a significant impact on the lives of the students and community you serve?  Want your reach to extend beyond your classroom?  Looking to do more than expected, and create enriching, amazing experiences for students and families?  Today’s Significant Educator is for you and your district.  

Teachers and school staff face a complex and challenging task in today’s educational world, now more than ever.  Andrew will empower and enthuse teachers and school personnel to further develop significant relationships with students and stakeholders through the power of storytelling, creating enriching, authentic experiences, and applying strategies to better connect with these vital groups.  You will laugh, cry, and be moved in your emotions in this powerful, energetic presentation.  #SurviveThrive

Andrew Marotta Speaking

Above the Line, Surviving & Thriving: Interactive Leadership Activity

Want to share best practices for leadership?  Want to practice a growth mindset, learn more about the top, most effective strategies that leaders do publicly, and behind the scenes?  Want to live your life more ABOVE THE LINE of average?  Come join Andrew in the uplifting, engaging, and interactive workshop on being your best self.  Topics include:

  • What are some of the top behaviors & strategies ‘the best’ do?
  • What are some things we need to STOP doing in our lives?
  • How can we become more effective in our communication & relationship building?
  • Being intentional with our time and activities to be our best selves.
  • Sharing, listening and collaborating with the group of learners and leaders.

In this activity, you will be up, writing, reflecting, &  sharing with others.  You literally participate by sharing your Above the Line strategies to be your best self.  Learn some ‘awesome-sauce’ tools as well from Andrew and the group!  #SurviveThrive

5 Part Book Series: The Principal: Surviving & Thriving

Five one-hour sessions. Join in an invigorating and inspiring journey with Andrew as he leads topics, stories, and scenarios Culture & Relationships, Efficiency & Owning your time, Resilience & self-care, & tackle the question: Successful or Significant?  Andrew will pick the dates with you and make it work with your team.  Reserve your book study today!
Bouncing Back Cover Story

Support, Support, Support: You, your team, your future

Looking for ways to bounce back from Covid?  Trying to re-start yourself or your team?  Want to look ahead towards your future.  Spend time with Andrew exploring and sharing awesome, practical ways to support you, your team, and the future of your school and program.  No training needed, just a jump start, a dash of energy, humor, and empathy.  Come join Andrew to fill your bucket with all things support!
Andrew Marotta Rheos Glasses

Create the School That Kids are Excited to Attend

Looking to break through at your school?  Want to have that amazing school setting that so many hear about yet few can reach? Have a desire to have a lasting, deep impact at your school community? Collaborate, share, and grow with Andrew Marotta as he leads this powerful conversation about creating an amazing school setting.  Topics include:

  • Bringing amazing energy each day.
  • Creating student voice & choice.
  • Using technology & social media to tell your story.
  • Inspect what you expect, being present, being intentional.
  • Build a beautiful school setting and keep it that way!
  • Smile, humor, and finding the joy in it all.

You can’t do it alone either.  Andrew will brainstorm, converse, and share about not only strategies you can do as the leader, and how to build collective commitments from stakeholders.

Andrew Marotta

The Power of Storytelling

Want to become a better speaker, storyteller?  Need a base of stories to get you started?  Get frightened speaking to groups and want to get better?  Join Andrew for this fun, exploratory, interactive workshop on storytelling.

Participants will learn how to tell the right story, at the right time, to the right people.  Take-a-ways include:

  • A number of stories to get you started
  • How to tell a story.
  • How body language, enthusiasm, voice, and more all can have an impact on your audience.
  • How bring your audience alive and connect with them in a powerful, memorable way.

This too shall pass

Don’t Sweat Your Observation!

Get nervous when your formal observation comes up?  Freeze when an administrator walks into your room?  Overthink, over worry about your annual performance observations and scores?  Breakthrough!  Work with Andrew in this motivating workshop to overcome some of these fears and struggles that are holding you back from being your best self.  Andrew will share practical tips and go-to’s that will help you put practice into action when it matters most.

For School Board groups:

Today’s Significant School Board Member

Surviving & Thriving


Serving your school community as a school board member can be quite rewarding and impactful.  It also can be challenging at times as you face a number of complex and thought-provoking situations.  You are also tasked with making difficult decisions in public, sometimes pressure-filled situations.


Are you looking to be reinvigorated in your role as a school board member?  Do you want to add some new tools to your toolbox and sharpen up some existing ones?  Want to improve your presence, communication skills, and focus on supporting your school team more?

Come join Andrew Marotta and the inspiring keynote: Today’s Significant School Board Member: Surviving & Thriving.  Andrew is an active and proud Principal in NY in his 18th year, 25th in education.  He is an author of three books, a motivational speaker, and former Mens Division 1 basketball official.  He will share through positive energy and the power of storytelling the following take-a-ways for you as school board member:

  • Practical and inspirational ways to support your stakeholders.
  • ABC: Always be communicating: from body language to engaging communication techniques.
  • The ladder technique of being an effective listener.
  • E+R=O and F.E.A.R.
  • Being the school board member that people want to work with.
  • The power of a single experience.
  • Being mindful and intentional of the climate and culture of your board and district.
  • Successful vs. significant and more.

Andrew will move your emotions in this energizing keynote talk.  Come join him to reflect, grow, and learn in your own practice to best serve your school community and stakeholders.  Survive and thrive with Andrew today and beyond.

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